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Visiting Presenter / Comedy

Hijo Único


George Harris, is a Venezuelan Comedian with more than 16 year in the Stand Up Comedy business, he has been to more than 60 cities in recent years. This time he is coming back to New York to perform his latest show Hijo Único*.

In this routine he talks about our upbringing in Latin America and how, after living in Miami for more than 10 years, he can now see some differences between how current parents raise their kids Vs. how it was for us to ask permission to go out, for example.

Hijo Único goes through some topics such as the seemingly infinite patience we have for children nowadays. Not to deny them of anything, always offering them something better than you had growing up. They all are part of a show that digs into our past and the times we are living. Always with the comedy point of view, with big reflection and laughter moments,” says George Harris.

*This show is performed in Spanish


Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

Expected Run Time is 165 minutes

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