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Storm in a Bubble Tea Cup



Get ready to double down on laughter! Join us for an unforgettable night featuring not one, but two headline comedians ready to tickle your funny bone and leave you in stitches. It's a comedy showdown you won't want to miss!

曾博恩 Brian Tseng, STR Network 薩泰爾娛樂及23喜劇俱樂部創辦人,也是台灣喜劇界第一把交椅. 博恩在2023年中文喜劇世界巡迴《破蛋者》一共演出21場,不僅於台北小巨蛋締造13,000人次 進場紀錄,更創下國際喜劇俱樂部 Laugh Factory 首次全中文喜劇專場演出紀錄。博恩除了是首位登上Comedy Central Asia的台灣喜劇演員,他的YouTube頻道訂閱數已超過 70萬,並且在他主持的Podcast《博音》已達到每集超過13,000下載量的紀錄,在在顯示了他在 中文喜劇的影響力。

Brian Tseng, founder of STR Network and 23 Comedy, is a leading figure in Taiwanese comedy. His latest comedy special, BALLBREAKER,” not only embarked on a 21-show world tour, marked the first-ever all-Chinese comedy special at the Laugh Factory, but also set a record with 13,000 attendees at the Taipei Arena. Brian’s achievements also include being the first Taiwanese comedian to appear on Comedy Central Asia. Additionally, he hosts a YouTube channel with 700k subscribers and a podcast with 170k listeners per episode, showcasing his wide-reaching influence in the comedy scene.

賀瓏 Hello Hor, 是一位單口喜劇演員、主持人、YouTuber、漫才演出及創作者。自薩泰爾娛樂成立以來即為《博恩夜夜秀》班底,2020年推出首場個人喜劇專場《才不理妳Ignoring You》及2022年的個人喜劇專場《妳好就好 Whatever She Says》,吸引超過3,500和4,500名觀眾到場觀看。除了喜劇舞台的演出,賀瓏在2023年也跨足電視圈,參與大型選秀節目《大嘻哈時代2》主持群, 此外更接下《夜夜秀》IP主持棒,成為《賀瓏夜夜秀》主持人。同時賀瓏亦持續經營個人 YouTube頻道《賀瓏Hello》,推出過「#賀瓏隔離毀滅100天」、「#賀瓏有打工」、「#酸民說」等熱 門網路影片系列。

Hello Hor is a versatile entertainer, known for stand-up comedy, hosting, YouTube content, and manzai performances. He’s a regular on “The Night Night Show with Brian Tseng” and debuted his stand-up shows “Ignoring You” in 2020 and “Whatever She Says” in 2022, drawing crowds of over 3,500 and 4,500 respectively. Hello Hor also co-hosts “The Rappers” and hosts “The Night Night Show with Hello” in 2023. He runs the popular YouTube channel, 賀瓏 Hello, featuring series like “Hello’s 100 Days of Isolation”, “Hello’s Part-Time Job”, and “Haters Say”.


Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

Expected Run Time is 90 minutes

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