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Origin's 1st Irish Presents Scór on Broadway


Origin Theatre's 1st Irish Theatre Festival 2023 has once again very kindly extended a warm invitation to the GAA New York Scór na nÓg and Scór Sinsir Champions 2022, who will perform their award-winning performance on one of the world's most celebrated stages, New York City's Broadway!

Scór is the cultural wing of the Gaelic Athletic Association. During the winter months, when the playing season ends, GAA Clubs continue to compete on stage for an all-Ireland Champion’s Title through 8 separate cultural competitions since 1969. In 2016 Origin invited the GAA Scór Nua Eabhrac Champions to perform on Broadway as part of the 1st Irish Theatre Festival. This unique crossover of Irish Arts and Sports made Broadway & GAA History and continues to create lifelong memories for Performers, Club Members, and audiences.


Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

Expected Run Time is 165 minutes

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