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  • Thu Jun 27, 2019
  • 7:30pm

Visiting Presenter / Music

New Chamber Music/Songs


The Glass Farm Ensemble presents “Songs” with chamber works by Paula Matthusen, Peter Ablinger, Arturo Corrales Roland Moser and Jacques Demierre. With Paula Matthusens “In Absentia” for violin (Pauline Kim Harris), piano (Yvonne Troxler) and mini electronics we play a masterpiece where acoustic and electronic sounds shake hands in a subtle and poetic manner. Austrian composer Peter Ablinger's “voices and piano” is a gigantic work, featuring voice recordings of internationally known musicians, artists, politicians and activists. The often historical recordings are accompanied by live piano, giving the impression of a voice recital. In our selection we will hear “songs” with Angela Davis, Agnes Martin, Alberto Giacometti, Arnold Schönberg and Jose Luis Borges. Arturo Corrales used in “folkU2” for violin, piccolo (Alice Teyssier) and piano a tune from his hometown in El Salvador. The song is presented in many different aspects by the three instrumentalists and intrigues by its clear structure and the impressive processing of this El Salvadorian folk song. Swiss composer Roland Moser’s conceptual piece “A Poem, an Anecdote and a Scene” will be presented by Glass Farm’s artistic director Yvonne Troxler’s version for clarinet (Marianna Gythfeldt), flute and piano. Throughout the whole program Swiss composer Jacque Demierre’s improvisation piece “17” for four performers will function as bridges between the pieces.


Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre

Expected Run Time is 70 minutes

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