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New Chamber Music


The Glass Farm Ensemble presents “Stillness in Disrepair” with chamber works by Elizabeth Hoffman, Fritz Hauser, Juraj Kojs, David T. Little, and Marcel Zaes. The title piece “Stillness in Disrepair” is by the Swiss composer Marcel Zaes. In this concert we will perform the revised 2019 version for amplified bass clarinet, vibraphone and piano.

The composition “and when white moth were on the wing” by New Yorker composer Elizabeth Hoffman is for bass clarinet and live electronics.

The Slovakian-American composer Juraj Kojs writes a new work for piano and percussion for this concert. With “Descanso (after omega)” by American composer David T. Little we will perform a deeply touching piece for clarinet, percussion, piano and three glass players. Throughout the whole program Swiss composer Fritz Hauser's improvisation pieces "Focus" will function as bridges between the pieces.


Leonard Nimoy Thalia

Expected Run Time is 65 minutes

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