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Visiting Presenter / Music

Manhattan Wind Ensemble


Light and Shadow evokes so many emotions when we think about what light brings, and what can lurk in the shadows. This concert is filled with these emotions from some of the greatest works for wind band. From the somber to the thrilling; we take you on a journey through the light and shadow of everyday life.

Included is a piece, “Lights Out” , that will sure to be a concert goer experience.

The venerable “English Folk Song Suite”, that brings to mind other songs that have been written through the years, as they all have borrowed themes from this suite. A cornerstone work in the literature, and one of the earliest “serious” works for the wind band.

“A Movement for Rosa”, honoring civil rights heroine Rosa Parks. Heard is her journey from early years, to the lingerig racism that is still present today.

“Minor Alterations” – A different take on Holiday Music. Minor keys make things interesting for sure.

“Moth” - Moth seeks inspiration from the dualities between light and dark, beautiful and grotesque, reality and fantasy, and the ultimate decision to sacrifice sensibility for grace.

“Rippling Watercolors” - With a little imagination, watercolors can become a magnificent sunrise or sunset over the ocean, a gorgeous view from a mountaintop, or an image of a supernova in space. The smallest drop can change the pattern and create something entirely new, either with a brush or entirely within nature.


Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

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