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Visiting Presenter / Music

Faraj Abyad and His Orchestra

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In this concert, which is titled The Evolution of Arabic Music 1900-2019, Faraj Abyad and his nine piece orchestra will take you on a historical journey through the evolution of arabic music. The performance will showcase music from the pre-recording era of the 19th century and progress through the subsequent time periods, concluding with contemporary arabic music. The show will begin with compositions from Sayyed Darwish and Oum Kalthoum, and conclude with songs from contemporary pop artists such as Hussain Al Jassmi and Fadl Shaker. Composers and singers from around the Arabic world and throughout the past two centuries will be covered. These artists include Sabah Fakhri, Farid El Atrash, Fairuz, Wadi El Safi, Abdel Halim Hafez, Nagat El Saghira, Mohammed Abdo, George Wassouf, Fadl Shaker, Kazim El Saher, and more.

The Orchestra

  • Faraj Abyad- Singer
  • Nidal Ibourk- Guest Singer
  • Layth Sidiq- Violin & Director
  • Thaer Bader- Oud
  • Naeif Rafeh- Nay
  • Jamal Sinno- Qanun
  • Naseem Alatrash- Cello
  • Fadi Saba- Piano
  • Alber Baseel - Percussion
  • Gilbert Mansour - Percussion


Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre

Expected Run Time is 150 minutes

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