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A4TY: Album for the Young


"And yes, they were Works of Art indeed - no kiddie recital, this! (George Crumb, move over!)." - Jon Deak, Founder, New York Philharmonic Very Young Composers Program

For 16 years Bloomingdale School of Music (BSM) has maintained a special focus on introducing students (ages 7-17) to composition through their A4TY (Album for the Young) Student Composing Program. The March 7th concerts will feature 39 student compositions, divided over two concerts, ranging from solo works for piano, violin or cello, to works for small chamber ensembles of strings or mixed wind, strings, brass and percussion groups. The first concert at 4:30 pm is for the younger students while the second concert at 7 pm will represent the work of older and more advanced students. Both concerts will feature the premiere of a new commissioned work for 5 violins by composer, Pauline Kim, current 2019-20 Exploring the Metropolis Con Edison Composer-in-Residence.


Leonard Nimoy Thalia

Expected Run Time is 75 minutes

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