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Visiting Presenter / Music

The Gift Project


Multi-Hyphenate, First Generation, Queer Korean-American Unboxable Artist Diana Oh (they/them) ({my lingerie play}, Infinite Love Party, My H8 Letter to the Gr8 American Theatre) and their live band present original music written for and inspired by Elders of Marginalized Experience or Identity.

Over the past several months, Diana has met with Elders born in 1956 or earlier who overcame incredible obstacles and lived remarkable lives. After each filmed interview, Diana retreated and wrote a song for each Elder, later returning to present them with their finished compositions. This concert combines those songs and the Elders’ astonishing stories into one uplifting evening that celebrates the lives of these extraordinary individuals.

Presented by All For One Theater.

Running Time: Approx 80 minutes

Created, Composed, & Directed by Diana Oh

Video Production – ZANNI Productions

Director of Photography – jb (they/she/he)


Diana Oh (they/them)
Jack Fuller (he/she/they)
Matt Park (he/him)
Viva Deconcini (she/her)
Michael Maloney (he/him)
Serena Ebony Miller (she/her)
Timothy Angulo (he/him)


Sarah Shin (she/her) - Melodica
Tim Hall (he/him) - Saxophone


June Oh
Salomon Rettig, Ph.D
Xuyen Hinh
Gordon Rogoff
Shigeko Sara Suga
Kazi Khatoon
Dr. MaryLouise Patterson


Co-Directed by Nicholas Cotz (he/him)
Associate Producer Josh Adam Ramos (he/him)
Associated Directed by Sarah Shin (she/her)
Lighting Design by Sarah Johnston (she/her)
Sound Design by Hao Bai (she/they)
Music Direction by Jack Fuller
Concerturg Bad Bitch Witch - Rama Orleans-Lindsay (she/they)

An original commission of The Public Theater Mobile Unit. With support from the Sundance Institute Interdisciplinary Program.


    Leonard Nimoy Thalia

    Expected Run Time is 120 minutes

    Your generosity makes possible a vibrant array of music, literature, film, family, and arts education programs!