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Speak Torah To Power


Speak Torah to Power: "Creating New Narratives of Empathy" with Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum: In this powerful, engaging talk, Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum will tell the story of how it became an essential part of Muslim prayer in one community to be surrounded by the love of gay Jews, and how one straight Imam found himself as a featured speaker at New York’s GLBT Pride parade. It’s a story of being present and bearing deep witness, about knowing that we can’t always change the world, about what it takes to look empathetically into the experience of another and to show up in acts of love and solidarity. It’s about knowing that when we sit with each other in pain, we can strengthen and be strengthened, we can transform and be transformed–and we can learn how to live out our awareness that each person is created in God’s image.


Leonard Nimoy Thalia

Expected Run Time is 80 minutes

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