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Project Shaw: The New Word & O'Flaherty


The New Word by James M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan) takes place on the night before a young man is leaving to join the army in WWI. It's the last chance for a family to come together with some kind of understanding before the son leaves, possibly never to return. What is the ‘new word'? You'll have to see the play to find out!

O'Flaherty, V.C. by Shaw is a comic one-act play written during World War I in which an Irish soldier in the British army returning home after winning the Victoria Cross. The play was written at a time when the British government was attempting to promote recruitment in Ireland, while many Irish republicans expressed opposition to a war to defend the British Empire.


Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre

Expected Run Time is 120 minutes

  • Gingold Theatrical Group provides an invaluable -- and unique -- service to New Yorkers. Not only does it keep topnotch productions of great works of art before the public on a regular basis as no other theater company can, but it also does something less obvious. It keeps the tradition of intelligent argument, embodied in Shaw's plays but otherwise much lacking from public discourse, alive for those who need it most: the thinking people of a great city.

    Jesse Green, New York Magazine

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