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Visiting Presenter / Music

Classical Guitarist Yvonne Zehner & New York Friends

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On November 2, Ms. Zehner will join a number of extraordinary New York City-based guitarists for an evening of music at Symphony Space. Her collaborators include Yunxiang Fan playing Paul Lansky, Daniel Conant and Tom Torrissi performing Chester Biscardi’s exquise *Resisting Stillness*; Kyle Miller will perform music by Kyle Miller; John Bogan & Yerin Kim, offer music by David Leisner; Samuel Rubinstein performs Bartosz Lasecki; Yvonne Zehner & William Anderson collaborate with soprano Sharon Harms for the premiere of Frank Brickle’s setting of Catallus 101.


    Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre

    Expected Run Time is 120 minutes

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