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Chip Shelton PeaceTime Ensemble



What separates Chip Shelton from most other bandleaders is his ability as amulti-instrumentalist. He utilizes almost the entire woodwind family, and more .
Shelton has 8 impressive CD releases to date. First was 'A Labor Of Love' on RUPRecords in 1995; followed by 2 on Satellites Records; then 5 on SummitRecords. Also, a 2013 mostly-digital release by his own CCMS label.
Chip Shelton's shining and varied repertoire of originals and standards effortlesslyincorporate straight-ahead-jazz, samba, afro-cuban, reggae, soul, and more; alwaysleaving his fans and new listeners wanting more.


Bar Thalia

Expected Run Time is 120 minutes

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