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Meet Our New Director of Education

Headshot of Lulu Fogarty, smiling into the camera.

A chat with Lulu Fogarty, Symphony Space’s new Director of Education, about her path to arts education, how she spends her free time, and more!

How did the arts shape your childhood?

I grew up in activist communities, surrounded by art. Many family friends – including my dad – are dancers, actors, and visual artists. After school, I’d take dance, voice, piano, and acting classes, and my family took advantage of every Kids’ Night on Broadway.

How did you find your way to a career in arts education?

I started as an actor– performing, writing, and producing plays. An invitation to co-direct a high school musical led to years of teaching artistry. When I learned I could merge my commitments to the arts and justice in arts education administration, I never looked back.

What’s an assignment you received in school that left an impression on you?

In middle school in 1999, we were divided into teams to debate whether South Carolina should fly the confederate flag at the State House. I had to argue for the flag and against my values. I was devastated when “my side” won by class vote.

Do you have any hobbies that you enjoy during your free time?

I love to bake cookies and I’m an avid reader and city walker. I also really love home organization, and even considered becoming a professional organizer. Now I just keep my own apartment in top shape and help my family with home improvement projects.

What are your hopes for arts education in New York City and beyond?

I’m fiercely committed to intersectional justice, from antiracism to disability rights. Everyone’s story matters. I’m excited to work with the arts education community to ensure every individual can feel true belonging in art-making spaces and cultural institutions, in NYC and around the world.

As someone from New York, where are some of your favorite spots around the city?

NYC’s green spaces come to mind. I grew up in Greenwich Village and love Hudson River Park. I live in Brooklyn now, and often explore Prospect Park with my dog named Lamb. The Brooklyn Museum and Brooklyn Botanic Garden are also high on my list.

Is there anything else you would like people to know about you?

I attended public schools in Greenwich Village and I’m a Bronx Science grad. Also, in 2013 I lived in Taiwan, studying Mandarin Chinese and doing research for an interview-based play about politics, ethnicity, and collective trauma. I’m still writing it!