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A Typical Camp Week

Campers smile and hold up copies of a book while gathered on a stage. The book's author, Karuna Riazi, poses the same way, projected on a screen behind them.

Here is a sample of what a week at Book Club Camp looks like. This is a week that took place last summer. The books and activities will all be different this year. But this should give you an idea of the range of things that happen on any given day.

Author visits vary depending on the author and content of the book. As part of the author visits, we’ve had guest musicians, life drawing lessons, writing activities, book signings, and so much more!

Sample Week


  • 9AM–12PM Interactive icebreaker activities. Small group discussions of all the books for this week. Overview of camp guidelines and rules.

  • 12PM–1:15PM Lunch (in Riverside Park, weather permitting; otherwise lunch is eaten in our café). After eating, campers can read, play board games, or run around.

  • 1:30PM–3:30PM Visit from Sara Farizan, author of Dead Flip, including a horror-themed activity, book signing, and Q&A.

  • 3:30PM–4PM Wrap-up


  • 9AM–10AM Interactive activities (drama, movement, art, etc.,) related to the book of the day in preparation for the author's visit, such as a group activity about secrets.

  • 10AM–12PM Visit from Vera Greentea, author of graphic novel Grimoire Noir, including a spooky story group activity, book signing, and Q&A.

  • 12PM-1:15PM Lunch

  • 2PM–3:15PM Choice: campers choose from a range of activities, from theater games to reading or arts and crafts.

  • 3:15PM–4PM Wrap-up


  • 9AM–10AM Interactive activities related to the book of the day in preparation for the author’s visit, such as monologue writing.

  • 10AM–12PM Visit from Nicole Melleby, author of In the Role of Brie Hutchens…, including an activity where campers learned how to create the world of a story, book signing, and Q&A.

  • 12PM-1:15PM Lunch

  • 1:30PM–3:30PM Field trip to the New York Public Library of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center (by public transportation).

  • 3:30PM–4PM Wrap-up


  • 9AM9:30AM Free/Quiet time

  • 9:30AM–11:30AM Field trip to Metropolitan Museum of Art (by public transportation). Activity at the museum to choose a piece of art and craft a story about one of the subjects in a work of art.

  • 11:30AM–12PM Return to Symphony Space

  • 12PM1:15PM Lunch

  • 1:30PM–3:30PM Visit from Sayantani DasGupta, author of Force of Fire, including a writing/drawing activity telling the story of a time when the campers were brave, book signing, and Q&A.

  • 3:30PM–4PM Wrap-up


  • 9AM–10AM Interactive activities related to the book of the day in preparation for the author's visit, such as writing letters to the editor about a topic that means something to the campers.

  • 10AM–12PM Visit from Katherine Marsh, author of The Lost Year, including a writing activity telling a family story that’s been passed down, book signing, and Q&A.

  • 12PM1:15PM Lunch

  • 1:15PM–3PM Share: On Friday afternoon, campers get to share something: a book (or books) they love, a song, a joke or two; they can read something they have written, act out a scene with friends, teach the group something new. This is a camp tradition and a cherished way to end an exciting week.

  • 3PM–3:45PM End of week party: light refreshments, time for campers to evaluate the week in their own words, collect autographs and contact info for new friends, and clean-up.

  • 4PM Farewell!