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For general questions and comments, please email us at If you need to contact us about matters related to ticketing, please email

Mailing Address
Symphony Space
2537 Broadway
New York, NY 10025-6990

Administrative Offices
Tel (212) 864-1414 (plus individual extension as listed below)
Fax (212) 932-3228

Box Office (Tuesday - Sunday, 1pm-6pm)
Tel (212) 864-5400
Fax (212) 864-4551


Kathy Landau Executive Director x231

Andrew Byrne Artistic Director x292

Peg Wreen Managing Director x248
Maren Berthelsen Acting Director of Administration x248
Charles Blanchard Director of Information Technology x281
Robert Holloway IT Assistant x214
Juni Li Office Manager x200
Lucia Burns Internship Program Consultant


Brenda Murad Director of Development x230
Julie Griffith Assistant Director of Development, Individual Giving x229
Kristal Pacific Manager of Institutional Giving x278
Lauren DeLucia Manager of Individual Giving x201
Frank Oleszko Development Associate, Individual Giving x223 


Kelly McKaig Director of Finance x228
Doug Winters Senior Accountant x219
Michelle Strauss Staff Accountant x232


Johanna H. Thomsen Senior Director of External Affairs and Institutional Planning x220
Mary Shimkin Director of Marketing and Business Development x224
Ben Philippe Manager of Interactive Marketing & New Media x288
Aishah Alassan Marketing Manager x208
Carolin Beine Senior Graphic Designer x279
Kristin Cook Senior Marketing Manager for Audience Development x225

Steven Swartz, Music PR, DOTDOTDOTMUSIC (646) 206-3966
Sarah Baird Knight, Music PR, DOTDOTDOTMUSIC (718) 344-3690
Beth Blenz-Clucas, Family Programming PR, Sugar Mountain PR (503) 293-9498


Jennifer Brennan Director of Literary Programs x206
Andrea Pura Assistant Producer of Literary Programs x295
Drew Richardson Producer of Literary Programs x253
Edward J. Budz Director of Film Programs x204
Darren Critz Director of Performing Arts Programs x247
Arden Armbruster Assistant Producer of Performing Arts Programs x249
Madeline Cohen Director of Education x221
Regina Larkin Manager of Education Programs x212
Sarah Montague Selected Shorts Radio Producer x246

Theatre Operations & Production

Edward J. Budz Director of Theatre Operations x204
Martin Diaz Operations Manager x252
Chris Davis Production Manager x255
Mary Meade Associate Production Manager x236
A.J. Mattioli Assistant Production Manager x205
Hear No Evil, LLC House Sound Engineer
Brian Aldous, House Lighting Designer
Brian Davis Head of House Management x280
Kimberley Alexandre, Andrew Cohen, Corinne Maikarfi,
Marsha Perry-Starkes, House Managers x209
Harriet Causbie, Volunteer Usher Coordinator x289
Pat Gunther Assistant Director of Marketing for Ticketing Services x289
Anthony Diaz & Eric Poindexter Assistant Box Office Managers (212) 864-5400
Maykel Farronay, Malika George, Anthony Colon Box Office Staff (212) 864-5400
Alex Buchinsky, KayCee Delgado, Dante Garcia, Michael Hernandez, Keenan Houser, JB McCoy, Michael Reyes, Maintenance and Security

Theatre Rental

Jeff Goad Booking Director x235
Monica Broadman Senior Booking Manager x213

Bar Thalia

Elisabeth Miller General Manager x241
Aninga Joseph, Head Cook x222
Fadoul Alexandre, Luis Alvarado, Ronell Cohill, Ivan Corpening, Benjamin Fiirke, Jamie Jacobs, Momir Krsmanovic, Tova LeCuyer, Patricio Machuca, Bar Staff