Theater Programs
Fusing indigenous, colonial and African cultural, religious, and folk traditions in ancient and contemporary stories, Bobby Gonzalez creates a common ground for understanding the vibrant mix that is Latin America. Gonzalez's interactive teaching style enables diverse communities to appreciate Latin American life, especially the elements that connect people to the earth and to creatures of the natural world.
Artist: Bobby Gonzalez (see Artist Bios)
Chinese opera and martial arts workshops consist of demonstrations of various aspects of Chinese opera and martial arts and discussions of the ancient tales represented. The five elements of traditional Chinese opera are explained: singing, talking, acting, fighting, and tumbling, and are performed by the artists. Students participate by learning Mandarin words as well as appropriate stage-fighting techniques. In performance, the troupe wears colorful costumes and brings audiences into the world of ancient China.
Artists: Tung Ching Chinese Center for the Arts (Agnes Ho, Director) (see Artist Bios)
Through songs, dances, and stories, Leaf Arrow Storytellers present interactive workshops/performances featuring coyote tales, creation stories and historic folklore filled with tribal family values. Celebrating the special relationship the Native American people have traditionally had with the natural environment, they give their stories deeper meaning by incorporating authentic artifacts and dances, and share many personal stories and possessions as part of their presentation.
Artists: Joe Cross and Donna Couteau Cross (see Artist Bios)
The process of writing, staging and acting out a scene is introduced in this workshop. The group is divided into pairs to develop a short scene based on real or fictional characters set in a historic period or current event. The teaching artists coach students during the playwriting session. Once the scenes are written, the students take on the roles of casting agents and directors directing the professional actors in the scenes they have just written. A series of two to four workshops is recommended, preferably with double periods for each session.
Artists: Ivy Austin, Bill Cwikowski, Khris Lewin, Laurine Towler, Kevin Craig West and Yusef Miller (see Artist Bios)
Paying homage to the oral traditions of Africa, the teaching artist demonstrates how to tell a story using strong characterization, vocal effects and actions. Expressive and energetic, our storyteller takes the listeners on a journey of the imagination, where the tales evoke the culture, people and landscape of Africa. Students are encouraged to talk about their own family histories, especially by listening to the stories of their grandparents.
Artist: Tammy Hall (see Artist Bios)
For more information about Global Arts contact Regina Larkin, Manager of Education Programs, at regina.larkin@symphonyspace.org, (212) 864-1414 ext. 212.