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Thalia Book Club Camp offers up-close interaction with renowned children's book authors and illustrators, book discussions, and book-related field trips around the city. This blog follows the camp's activities.

Thalia Book Club Camp Week 2 Day 4

Published on July 20, 2017

Today at camp the kids got a chance to meet the authors of the book The Two Naomis,  Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich and Audrey Vernick, who taught the kids how to let their imagination run free, like they did with their book. The two authors wrote this book, after meeting at a writers’ conference, without really having anything planned out. The idea of two sisters both named Naomi was just an idea they explored which turned into a book. They even gave us a sneak peak into the sequel, which comes out at the end of 2018.

In the course of the visit,  Ms. Rhuday-Perkovich and Ms. Vernick shared how they became authors which, for both of them, came about by trying new things they had never done before. This sparked  something new within themselves, such as poetry.  They told the campers that this is something they should live by, because you never know what you’ll discover about yourself.  Something the kids really enjoyed doing with the authors was creating their own characters and giving them a story motivated by the traits of each.

This was a great activity to get the kids prepared for the field trip we had midday: we visited the Society Of Illustrators at 128 East 63rd street, where there was an exhibit of fantasy illustrations of the last 125 years. The task given to them was to pick an image they liked, imagine it was the cover of a book they were writing, make up a title and the beginning of the first chapter. Each child had amazing ideas which they got to share with everyone while standing next to their image. They were so intrigued and  focused on finishing what they started, that they were even writing their stories on the train and back in the camp room.

Due to the weather being so hot, their free time was spent inside playing a variety of beloved games or reading. Some of the games they played were “Night At The Museum,”  “Handshake Murder,” and “Ms. Key’s Keys.”  As usual, there were some campers who just wanted to read in a nice quiet room – the camp room. Over all the day was spent having fun and enjoying the things the Thalia Book Club Camp has to offer.

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