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Thalia Book Club Camp offers up-close interaction with renowned children's book authors and illustrators, book discussions, and book-related field trips around the city. This blog follows the camp's activities.

Thalia Book Club Camp Week 1 Day 2

Published on July 23, 2013

Day 2 began with our very first field trip – off we went to the offices of Scholastic books in Soho for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of publishing in action. We wound our way through the beautiful eleven-story offices of Scholastic, complete with murals of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and more decorating the hallways and a giant stuffed Clifford the Big Red Dog to greet us.










We met first with the team of publicists and editors behind three series – 39 Clues, Infinity Ring, and a new series called Spirit Animals, the first of which will be published in September. The Scholastic team gave us the scoop on how each series came to be – from author to editor to publicist. These three series are accompanied by a computer game and other multimedia activities, and the staff guided the campers through the websites and a few games. After getting to watch the as-yet-unreleased book trailer for Spirit Animals.

The Scholastic folks also gave us a chance to show off our book know-how – beginning with a quiz to identify first lines which our gang unsurprisingly aced (the first sentences of Matilda and A Series of Unfortunate Events were met with a room full of eagerly raised hands ready to shout out the book titles!). We were then given the opportunity to offer our comments on a few in-progress marketing materials, and many campers piped up with strategic advice!








We then marched up to the multimedia department to try out the in-progress computer game being developed for the new series Spirit Animals. Each camper had a chance to play through the game, and they were then questioned by a staff person about their experience trying it out! Everyone was a willing and enthusiastic test subject, and our group had many wise tips for the game’s developers. And each camper was given her or his own copies of Infinity Ring and Spirit Animals, and even a 39 Clues poster signed by each of the series’ authors!

After the main activities came to a close, we all headed up to the gorgeous Scholastic rooftop terrace for a sunny lunch, where we met up with today’s author, Wendy Mass. Wendy lunched with us and even brought her telescope, as featured in her recent book Pi in the Sky.








After lunch, Wendy led the group in an exploration of her how-to-make-a-book progress. Wendy is the author of many of the group’s favorites, including A Mango-Shaped Space and Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life.  She spoke to the group about outlining and organizing story, and then each camper had a chance to map out their own prospective book.

















Our fun-filled time at Scholastic came to a close and we headed out for some much-needed running around time at a nearby playground. Soon thereafter, we traveled back uptown and day 2 came to a close!

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