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  • Sat Sep 07, 2024
  • 7:00pm
  • In-Person Ticket
  • Peter Jay Sharp Theatre, 2537 Broadway
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Visiting Presenter / Music

The Butterfly Lovers


This is a special performance commemorating the 100th birthday of Yue Opera master Fan Ruijuan and the 70th anniversary of the premiere of China’s first color opera film, "The Butterfly Lovers."

The world-renowned "The Butterfly Lovers," China’s first color opera film, was the first domestic film to win a musical film award at an international film festival. It has been hailed by the Western art world as the Eastern "Romeo and Juliet." Master Fan Ruijuan successfully portrayed the role of Liang Shanbo in "The Butterfly Lovers," earning her the title of "Liang Shanbo" among Yue Opera fans both domestically and abroad. She is one of the founders of the music genre of Yueju Opera and has made indelible and outstanding contributions to the development of Yue Opera art in China.

Ms. Cai Xinfen, a direct disciple of Master Fan Ruijuan, has organized this event out of her deep love for Yue Opera and her respect and remembrance for her teacher. This concert is strongly supported by Ms. Zheng Wei, who has created many branded programs and large-scale TV shows for CCTV's Economic Channel. Ms. Zheng personally oversees, plans, and directs this performance. Ms. Cai Xinfen will join several renowned and experienced Yue Opera actresses to commemorate Master Fan Ruijuan through this performance. Their aim is to introduce more international friends to Chinese Yue Opera, allow young people to appreciate traditional classics and widely known Chinese love stories, and enable intangible cultural heritage to be passed on in a new form. Let history be engraved today; and let today become tomorrow's memory.


Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

Expected Run Time is 180 minutes

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