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Visiting Presenter / Dance

JPA Kimono and Dance Project: Ages of Enchantment


This project is a free and open public program educational theater entertainment event that introduces JPA’s selection of Japanese traditional performing arts and the national costume, kimono, which has over 1,200 years of history.

There will be a pre-show exhibit from 3:00PM until the start of the event at 5:00PM. Detailed explanations on the history and background information by emcees using the video and image projections always accompany the actual performance and exhibitions.

For the kimono part presentation, the costume culture’s perfect product life cycle management traditions are the main feature. For the traditional performing arts presentation, Japan’s Big Three Bon Odor dances (two of which are listed amongst UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage), Iwami Kagur show, Nihon Buyo dances, Koto music, Shodo performance (Japanese calligraphy), etc. are presented. The project’s purpose is to show the beauty of Japanese culture that has long kept and always passed on various traditions to the younger generations.


Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

Expected Run Time is 180 minutes

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