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Miki Yokoyama Jazz

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Miki Yokoyama is a New York City based vocalist. Born in Japan, Miki began her musical journey at the age of 3 by playing piano. She played drums in Junior High School, where she began building basic skills in rhythm. In the meantime, she started singing in a band stand as a vocalist.

At the age of 19, Miki became a member of a Gospel choir in Tokyo, which was made of thirty members. Miki started her jazz career in 2012 in Japan, and played with so many different musicians at many places. The musicians she played with noted her flourishing musical development as a jazz singer, especially her sense of scat singing.

Since moving to NYC in 2016, Miki has studied with today's leaders of jazz music like Jay Clayton, Nancy Marano, and Alexis Cole. She has been playing at numerous jazz venues in NYC, such as Jazz at Kitano, Jules Bistro, Cupping Room Cafe, Pisticci and so on.

Come join us a night of jazz at Bar Thalia on Saturday January 25th 9-11pm.


Bar Thalia

Expected Run Time is 120 minutes

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