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Corina Bartra Jazz

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Bar Thalia presents this special concert from Peruvian Jazz & Pan American jazz vocalist, arranger and composer. Many of the personnel of the quartet have been in several of Bartra’s musical configurations, and on a variety of her concerts: at the Acoustic Grammy Sessions NYC in 2015, recently at the Kennedy Center in D.C., and on her latest celebrated CD, Takunde. Ms. Bartra’s last concert in NYC at the Latea Theater on January 12th of this year was with her Afro Peruvian New Trends Orchestra.

As Raul Da Gama wrote November 2017, when reviewing the CD Takunde, after its release on Blue Spiral Music: “It is impossible to over-estimate the importance of the great Peruvian musician and vocalist, Corina Bartra …The music of Corina Bartra is quite unique, especially when she is performing Afro-Peruvian repertoire as she does on Takunde…The album comes thirty-one years after Miss Bartra announced her arrival with her very jazzy Afro-Peruvian album Yamambo … Today Corina Bartra’s music probably sounds more deeply Afro-Peruvian than ever and Takunde explores more of South America visiting the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Brasil, even as it traverses the landscape of Jazz and a world after Tin Pan Alley…Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Takunde is the original work by Corina Bartra and it is music such as “Marinera Jazz” that adds much to Afro-Peruvian musical literature.”

An Amazon reviewer, Grady Harp, giving Takunde 5 stars, pointed out more of Bartra’s distinctive accomplishments when he wrote that Bartra “also pioneered subtle and exciting instrumental textures in her compositions and her arrangements. She writes extensive intros, interludes, and solos filled with inventive rhythms and beautiful harmonies. She also guides her musicians to do so. With this approach, she adds an instrumental section to her unique & historic projects.”

Piano: Steve Sandberg, Soprano & Fluer: Dave Morgan, Percussion: Perico Diaz, Corina Bartra: Vocal


Bar Thalia

Expected Run Time is 90 minutes

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