TAKE Dance: Dark Mourning
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$20; Members, Seniors, Students $15; Day of Show $25

Each ticket subject to a $5 service fee.
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TAKE Dance, the New York City-based contemporary dance troupe led by Artistic Director/Founder Takehiro Ueyama, will present Dark Mourning - two nights of world premiere works. The program will include the fan favorite and critically acclaimed "Flight," along with the eponymous "Dark Mourning" world premiere by Take Ueyama, and a specially choreographed new work by renowned choreographer/master teacher Kazuko Hirabayashi.

"It has speed, size, and a Philip Glass-driven turbulence cycle, as well as reverential calm, still- ness, and silence."  - The New Yorker

"Dark Mourning" explores the visceral moments that is universally shared when someone or something passes. Juxtaposing sadness, struggle, fear, and loneliness are moments of acceptance, acknowledgement and even happiness. "Dark Mourning" is not all about suffering. It also reflects the beauty and enjoyment of life." In addition, 2010's "Flight" will be revived with new production and will include a guest appearance by former Paul Taylor and Jose Limon dancer Barry Wizoreck.

A long time mentor for TAKE Dance, choreographer/teacher Kazuko Hirabayashi creates a New Work for Take and Jill Echo. The piece is inspired by a Japanese ghost story and set to use Shakuhachi (the traditional Japanese bamboo flute music). Hirabayashi is the founder and Artistic Director of Kazuko Hirabayashi Dance Theatre since 1971.

Choreography by Takehiro Ueyama and Kazuko Hirabayashi

Kristen Arnold, Brynt Beitman, Elise Drew, Jill Echo, John Eirich, Kile Hotchkiss, Gina Ianni, Lynda Senisi, Marie Zvosec, Takehiro Ueyama
Jesse Dunham, Jamison Goodnight, Jillian Hollis, Lauren Kravitz, Anthony Aiu
special guest Barry Wizoreck

Music by Philip Glass, Ana Milosavljevic, Kronos Quartet, Terry Riley, Aleksandra Vrebalov, Houzan Yamamoto
Lighting Design by Lauren Parrish
Costume Design by Elena Comendador, Jesse Dunham