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Global Arts: Cultural Literacy & Heritage

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Regions: Asia
Formats: Community Event, Workshop, Cultural Field Trip
Genres: Storytelling, Music, Dance
Levels: Grades 3 to 5, Grades 6 to 8, Grades 9 to 12

Accompanied by music, dancers demonstrate how movement from the eyes to the toes can illuminate the stories, characters and rhythms of Bharatanatyam. In addition to learning the technique of mimed storytelling, students learn how to break down the complexity of counts within music, and how to critically listen to poetry that is sung or chanted.  In Bharatanatyam, Shiva, Ganesha, Krishna, and other colorful figures from Hindu mythology come to life.


Devika Bhise

Devika Bhise

Devika Bhise is an actress, dancer, and vocalist who began exploring her passion for the arts at a young age. She has been studying the oldest form of Indian Classical Dance, Bharatanatyam, for over 15 years. An actor of film, television, and stage, Ms. Bhise can be seen in the feature films The Man Who Knew Infinity, The Accidental Husband, and the upcoming Shambhala. As a vocalist, Ms. Bhise performed solo jazz concerts for fundraisers at The Plaza Hotel, Essex House, Select City Walk in New Delhi, and The Goa Literary Festival. She holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Johns Hopkins University.

Swati Gupte Bhise

Swati Gupte Bhise

Swati Gupte Bhise a purist of Indian classical dance, received an MFA at the Center for Indian Classical Dance. In addition to her renown as a concert performer, Swati is an educator and an advocate for the promotion of art forms from the Indian subcontinent, serving on panels at Lincoln Center Library and the American Museum of Natural History for the promotion of Asian arts. Ms. Bhise is the Executive Director of Cayenne Pepper Productions and has films screening with actress and daughter, Devika Bhise at the Tribecca Film Festival, Indo-American Film Festival and in April 2016 her film The Man Who Knew Infinity globally was released to theaters.