Our Audience

39% HH income greater than $100,000
87% college degree or above; 55% with graduate degrees
69% female; 31% male
96% plan to take a leisure trip in the next year

We Reach

  • Affluent Urban Families with Young Children
  • World/Jazz/New Classical Music Connoisseurs
  • Eclectic & Educated Performing Arts Attendees
  • Classic/Art Film Aficionados
  • Audiobook/Public Radio/Literature Consumers

Symphony Space Programs include…

  • Selected Shorts: a Celebration of the Short Story
    Leading actors of stage and screen perform short stories by both well-known and unexpected authors. The 13-performance series is heavily subscribed with an intensely loyal audience. Just as loyal are the 500,000+ public radio and podcast listeners across the country reached 52-weeks a year. Also on Sirius XM Radio. Selected Shorts tours to 10–15 cities from coast to coast. Local and national radio sponsorships available.
  • Just Kidding
    Parents from all over the New York metropolitan area bring their kids (ages 2-12) to experience the best in music, film and other programming for families, every weekend, October to May. Sirius XM Radio program sponsorship available.
  • Wall to Wall
    Since its first free Wall to Wall Bach marathon in 1978, Symphony Space has produced these annual “gifts to the city” (The New York Times). Past Wall to Walls have included Broadway, Opera, Stephen Sondheim, Joni Mitchell, and Richard Rodgers. Attended by 3,000+ people each year and heard on radio and Internet by thousands more nationwide.
  • Symphony Space Live
    New online music program featuring live recordings of outstanding performances at Symphony Space, including rare interviews with artists.
  • Curriculum Arts Project
    The Curriculum Arts Project integrates the arts as part of social studies classes for thousands of New York City students. Our curricula, in-school participation by teaching artists, museum visits, and performances at Symphony Space help students understand different cultures through the arts.
  • All Write!
    Our adult literacy program is offered free of charge to more than 2,000 adults enrolled in 100 NYC literacy centers. Using the Selected Shorts program as a model, participants learn to write by telling their own life stories, which are performed by leading actors. Students’ works are published in an anthology.

For a customized proposal, please contact Ross Randall at 212.864.1414 x230 or ross.randall@symphonyspace.org.