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About Symphony Space


Help us continue to bring the highest quality art to the Upper West Side!

Become a Symphony Space volunteer usher and meet others who share your love of literature, music, film, and family programs.

Ushering Tasks Include

  • Stuffing and distributing programs
  • Showing patrons to seats
  • Scanning Tickets
  • Helping with pick up after show

Volunteer Requirements

  • Able to walk up and down aisles
  • Be courteous, helpful, and punctual.
  • Arrive one hour prior to showtime and stay about 30 minutes after show ends
  • Be available for evenings, weekends, and occasional daytime
  • Adhere to dress code of black clothes, dark shoes, and neat appearance

You can expect a response within two weeks of submission. Contact Corinne Maikarfi, Head of House Management at (212) 864-1414, Ext. 280 or by email at [email protected].