Thalia Studio
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Our 25'x25' Thalia Studio is available for rehearsals, auditions and meetings 7 days a week 9am-9pm.

Tues-Fri 9am-6pm
*Not-For-Profit, $26 per hour, 3 hour min. (25% off of the Standard rate, below)
*Standard, $34 per hour, 3 hour min.

Evenings (6pm-9pm) and Weekends (Sat-Mon)
*Not-For-Profit, $34 per hour, 3 hour min. (25% off of the Standard rate, below)
*Standard, $46 per hour, 3 hour min.

Parties, $68 per hour, 3 hour min.

Public assembly requiring a House Manager, $115 up to 3 hours, additional time $35 per hour
Any use of the Studio must be FREE of charge. No box office service provided.

Renter must provide all help to set-up the room. Theatre does not provide staff to set-up and restore the room.

Rental rate includes, as needed, upright piano, pull-down projection screen, dry erase board, mirrored wall, eight 5' rectangular tables, 32 chairs, 6 music stands and two portable/adjustable ballet barres.

Overtime, Double the subject Hourly Rate for each hour or part past scheduled use

Cleaning Fee for failure to restore room to "as is" condition, $40 min.

Returned Check Charge, $45

Late Payment Fee for failure to comply with agreement payment schedule, $10 per day

-Open flames (including candles) and tap dancing are not permitted.

-The Studio is equipped with a security camera. Renter is not to use the Studio as a dressing room.

-The rates do not apply to "special" and/or "unusual" use of Room including, but not limited to Film/Video/Photo Shoots, and the like, which are subject to separate negotiation.

-All rates and fees are subject to change without notice.