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The Trachtenberg Family Slide Show Players
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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 11/19/2011 at Symphony Space.

The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players are an indie-vaudeville conceptual art-rock pop band beloved in the downtown NYC music scene. Get ready for a treat as they bring their odd, funny, and enormously creative show uptown for the kids to enjoy along with you.

The band's members are the Trachtenburg family father, Jason Trachtenburg, who plays guitar and piano and sings; the mother, Tina Piña, who runs the slide projector and is a backup singer; and the daughter, Rachel, who plays the drums and sings. Their trademark is the slideshow itself: slides collected from estate sales, garage sales, and thrift stores, shown alongside the performance as the subject of their songs, and meant to "turn the lives of annonymous strangers into pop-rock musical exposes based on the contents of the slide collections." Get ready for a wild ride.

"The Trachtenburgs are a family you simply must meet. Jason (the father) is the songwriter, Tina (the mother) is the slideshow projector, Rachel (their daughter) is the drummer, and collectively they form The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players ... Jason, Tina, and Rachel are absolutely worth an hour of your time; let them cleanse your theatre-going palate and make you feel genuinely at home."

+ About the Artists

The Trachtenburgs are a domestic trio (dad Jason, mom Tina Piña, 15-year-old daughter Rachel), who play quirky indie pop songs in the key of unironic good, clean fun with one major catch: All the songs carefully rhyming lyrics come from the vintage slide collections they've found at estate or garage sales that accompany their performances.

What's more, including their retro fashion sense inspired by Mom Tina, the Trachtenburgs are a charming relic: a vintage throwback to a simpler, more self-sufficient, family-oriented time ... just like their music.

Tina Piña and Jason met at a Greenwich Village open-mic in 1989, and the pair later relocated to Seattle. They had a daughter, Rachel, and ran a dog-walking business while Jason worked Seattle's open-mic circuit. When his eccentric indie pop was failing to find an audience, Tina suggested he augment his act with slide imagery. On a subsequent dog-walking trip with Rachel, she found an old slide projector at a garage sale, and a box of slides from a random family's 1959 mountain trip to Japan.

The next morning, Tina awoke to find Jason had spent the entire night writing a song to accompany the slide presentation - appropriately titled "Mountain Trip to Japan, 1959." Six-year-old Rachel was recruited to play harmonica; (she later moved over to drum duties), Tina was appointed projector operator/backup singer, and the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players were born.

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