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Joanna Słowińska and Her Band
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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 10/27/2006 at Symphony Space.

Making a rare NYC appearance, Joanna Słowińska is a singer and violinist with a radiant on-stage personality who sings in a rare folk technique called “open” voice. Her repertoire includes old Polish and Slavic songs, sung traditionally or in dynamic, modern arrangements. Co-presented with the Polish Cultural Institute. Part of the European Dream Festival.




Zaswiei Miesiacu

Czekat Janku

Lata Ptaszek

Jedzie Jasio

A U Jeziora

Gnaza Bydeleizko


Oj Ty Ptaszku



Niskan Bania


Stadat Nie Gadaj

Jesjcze Nie Do Dom



+ About the Artists

Joanna Słowińska is a singer and violinist with an extraordinarily attractive on-stage personality and a strong voice, who uses the now-rare folk technique called “open” (or white) voice. Her repertoire includes, among others, old traditional Polish and Slavic songs, sung according to archaic convention or with a dynamic, modern sound arrangement created and performed by an ensemble of instrumentalists from the city of Cracow. She is the winner of several prestigious awards, including the Individual Prize at the Eurofolk Festival in Poland for distinctive dramatic personality, and the “New Traditions 2004” Grand Prix at the Polish Radio Folk Festival in Warsaw (where she also won the Independent “Audience Award” and Award of TV Polonia). She sings folk songs from various parts of Poland and the Carpathians, which have long fascinated her, as well as the Jewish and Gypsy music of central Europe. She is also known for her extraordinary interpretations of the settings -- by the outstanding contemporary composer Zygmunt Konieczny, inspired by Slavonic folk traditions -- of works by Polish poets. Over the last few years, Joanna has given many successful concerts in Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Lithuania, Macedonia, Switzerland, Spain and other countries.

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