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Shine and the Moonbeams
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This project is funded by the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, through the generous support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 02/04/2012 at Symphony Space.

Take two outstanding NYC musicians with eclectic musical tastes and influences, combine their unique perspectives, add a backing band, and witness the result: a soulful, groove-heavy R&B musical extravaganza in a rock and roll package, capturing the sweetness, uncertainty, and simplicity of youth.




The Name Game

Around the World


High Five

Bully, Bully

Dance Off

"Happy Birthday" and "Everybody Has a Shine"

Do You Every Stop?

I Can't Sleep

Shake, Shake, Shake for Eight

+ About the Artists

Shine and the Moonbeams are singer-songwriter Shawana Kemp and guitarist John Heagle, two New York musicians who have collectively been in every musical genre from Musical Theatre to the circus. They have combined their unique perspectives to create a soulful musical extravaganza that captures the sweetness, uncertainty and simplicity of youth. John currently plays with the faux French garage-rockers Les Sans Culottes. Shawana works in NYC public schools as a teaching artist and is the mother of a three year-old.


Shawana Kemp, vocals

John Heagle, guitar

Lavondo Thomas, bass

Russell Carter, drums

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