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Secret Science Club: Einstein's General Theory of Relativity with Astrophysicist Jason Kalirai
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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 10/27/2015 at Symphony Space.


It’s been 100 years since Einstein presented his General Theory of Relativity, forever changing how we think about space and time and ushering in discoveries beyond even Einstein’s wildest imagination. Blast off with astrophysicist Jason Kalirai to explore where Einstein’s theory has led since 1915, from supermassive black holes to the evolution of the universe itself.


Astrophysicist at the Space Telescope Science Institute and Project Scientist for NASA’s next flagship observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope, Jason Kalirai takes us on a stunning visual tour of the cosmos and Einstein’s Universe.

+ About the Artists


JASON KALIRAI is an astrophysicist at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore and the Center for Astrophysical Sciences at Johns Hopkins University. He researches the formation and evolution of stars and galaxies, using both ground and space-based telescopes, including the Hubble Space Telescope and the 10-meter Keck Telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

In addition to his research program, Dr. Kalirai is the Project Scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA’s next flagship astrophysics mission. The Webb Telescope is the successor to the iconic Hubble Space Telescope and will provide us with our most sensitive eye to view the Universe. It uses many new technologies and represents a greater than 100 times improvement over current capabilities and is poised to revolutionize our understanding of the Universe.

Dr. Kalirai is the recipient of numerous awards, most recently the American Astronomical Society’s Newton Lacy Pierce prize for outstanding achievements in observational astronomy. Passionate about communicating astronomy to the general public, he frequently appears in the media on such outlets as CNN, NPR, and NASA TV. 

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