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2013-14 Season Previews: Jay Stern, Iron Mule Short Comedy Screening Series
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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 07/31/2013 at Symphony Space.

In preparation for the 2013-14 season, Symphony Space audio intern Daniel Pecoraro sits down with Jay Stern, co-creator and co-host of the Iron Mule Short Comedy Screening Series, which continues at Symphony Space on August 4th with Guest Judge Liam McEneaney

+ About the Artists

Jay Stern has directed and produced over 30 short films and directed over 20 theater productions, as well as seven 1-hour dramas for for the award-winning internationally-syndicated Quicksilver Radio Theater Company. Jay's first feature film The Changeling opened in NYC in May, 2007. His second feature, Spirit Cabinet, was completed in October 2012, and his third feature The Adventures of Paul and Marian, is currently in post-production. Jay also produced Victor Varnado's films Roboto Supremo and The Awkward Comedy Show, which premiered on Comedy Central in 2011. Jay is a founding member of the WorldWideLab, a collective of international theater directors dedicated to creating director-collaborative work.

The Iron Mule Short Comedy Screening Series was founded in April 2002 in New York. The name The Iron Mule is derived from the 1925 slapstick comedy of the same name by the great silent comedian Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, featuring Buster Keaton as an Indian. The name also encapsulates the kind of movies we love to show: tough, burly, and uncompromising.

Daniel Pecoraro is the audio intern at Symphony Space, and the producer and host of the quiz show The Thursday Trivia Podcast and the audio documentary series infinitespace.

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