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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 02/05/2011 at Symphony Space.

Milkshake triumphantly return to Symphony Space playing hook and harmony-filled songs evoking influences from Rodgers and Hammerstein to Lennon-McCartney, and even The White Stripes!

In Milkshake's short seven years together, the band has released three award-winning CDs, a Parents Choice Silver Award for their DVD Screen Play, and they have had music videos on Noggin, PBS KIDS and Discovery Kids' Emmy-winning ToddWorld. The band has never stopped growing and evolving. Great Day is Milkshake's fourth CD for kids and kids at heart. It was nominated for a Grammy for "Best Musical Recording for Children" in 2010. In keeping with the band's desire to grow with their own children, the songs on Great Day touch on issues of friendship, age, self-esteem, goals and ambitions among other things--things that matter to a 6 to 10 year-old. Like all Milkshake CDs, the music transcends age, and both younger and older fans will enjoy this new release. AsParents magazine says: "If kids don't push the replay button, parents will." This special performance features Lisa Mathews, Mikel Gehl, Tom Moon, Cord Neal, Brian Simms and Michael Sheppard of the Milkshake Band.

+ About the Artists

"My music career started in front of a big mirror in the basement of our house in Queens, New York.  I learned all the songs in The Sound of Music; I’d dance and lip-sync to “Little Red Corvette,” play Fleetwood Mac on my Fender Rhodes.  My mom sang Ukrainian opera and danced polkas.  She always encouraged me to follow my dream, and paid for voice, guitar, piano and cello lessons.  She’s still crazy that way! And still remains an avid supporter!

"When I was 19, I moved to a small Greenwich Village apartment and soon opened my own rehearsal studio in an arts building on 30th Street. I was on the sixth floor, but I could hear the Ramones rehearsing in the basement. The building was full of music emanating from rehearsal studios and lofts. It was quite a scene, although I wasn’t involved in many bands. I was always writing songs by myself or with a collaborator.

"Until I answered an ad in the Village Voice from a band out of Baltimore, Maryland, called Beyond Words, in which Mikel Gehl played guitar. I joined the band, and we earned lots of fans, opened for some big names, had brushes with fame. Beyond Words evolved into Love Riot, a more “alternative” band, possibly because we had a violin.

"Love Riot’s high point was being chosen to represent the United States in Yamaha’s Soundquest competition. Here we were, a more-or-less acoustic quartet, with no drummer (though I played a pink Les Paul at most shows), in this beautiful amphitheater in the mountains outside Tokyo. Each band played one song. When they announced we had won, it was just one of those surreal moments. Ten thousand miles from home, with all these very polite and lovely people giving us things.

"We came back expecting the music world to throw itself at our feet, but it was more of the same: great shows, great fans, brushes with fame. We released a cassette called Muscle and two critically acclaimed CDs, Maybe She Will and Heaven Can Wait. Songs from these recordings were and still are played on TV and in movies – usually background stuff.  My favorite was a featured song in the TV show Homicide: Life on the Street.  The episode actually featured Love Riot performing the song, called “Killing Time.”  That was an honor, because it was such a great show.

"But then the funniest thing happened: I wanted to have a baby. My husband was all for it, and before we knew it, we were expecting. The band went on hiatus (a hiatus that resulted in three more babies for my band mates, including Mikel’s son, Eric), and I concentrated on being a mom. Even before Jesse was born, I was writing songs for her, singing to her; by the time she was a year old, I had a dozen songs –  “ditties,” I called them – that I’d written with Mikel. They were simple songs about being a baby, about the love I felt for her.

"We came up with a name for our band by combining our first names (and borrowing an “h”), went into the studio, put out a CD called Happy Songs, and were amazed by how much people liked it. Here in Baltimore, we met people who said they fell in love listening to Love Riot, got married, and were now playing our new music for their kids.  Weird. And wonderful.

"We don’t have any kind of rules for how we write Milkshake music. Kids don’t seem to have any rules for what music they like — Jesse loves Sesame Street, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Ali Farka Toure. No peer pressure, no “is it cool?” Writing music for children is incredibly liberating: you don’t have to think about getting airplay; you don’t even have to think about whether the music sounds contemporary.  We can use clarinet, triangle, sound effects — anything that comes to mind. It doesn’t have to be “rock band” cool.  We can write about the silliest things, and as long as we’re real and having fun, kids like it.

"But we’re rock musicians, so we bring that to Milkshake — and that’s what parents like, I think: beneath the kid-friendly lyrics, the giddy world view, there’s a rock band playing. It’s noticeable on the new CD, PLAY!, which, like the previous two Milkshake CDs, shows how our music has evolved along with our kids. It took us over a year to write and record; during that time my daughter went from being four to being six. Big difference! The songs got bigger, smarter, funnier, deeper, just like Jesse did. I think our music will continue to evolve along with our children.

"My gift as a musician and songwriter comes from using what’s given to me to create songs. When Jesse came along, I was given the biggest, wildest, most complex subject there is:  childhood, and the relationship between parent and child.  I get probably five song ideas a day, but being a mom, I don’t have time to write them all down."

Mikel Gehl has always played the guitar. Well, not really always, but you might as well count the few years it took to grow big enough as time spent being a guitarist waiting to happen. He spent his youth honing his craft in garages throughout east Baltimore. Mikel soaked up all of the American and British rock guitar he could, being particularly influenced by Windham Hill guitarist Michael Hedges, who frequently gave solo concerts while attending Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore.

Mikel sums up his music training at the University of Maryland in two words: “semi-formal.” We won’t press for details. The real training is doing it, and Mikel quickly became a fixture in Baltimore’s original music scene. He did time in a band called Beyond Words, which, in the late 80s, sought to bring in fresh ideas by advertising in The Village Voice for a female vocalist/musician who could contribute her own material. Lisa Mathews showed up from New York and agreed to move to Baltimore. The result was one of that area’s most successful and enduring collaborations. Beyond Words metamorphosed into Love Riot, which released several popular and critically acclaimed albums, won awards, toured, and appeared on network TV shows.

Mikel’s most successful engagement, however, was to his sweetheart, Donna Reilly, who, ignoring everyone’s advice, married our guitar star in 1995. Eric Reilly Gehl arrived on the scene in 2001. By this time, Lisa Mathews had already achieved motherhood and proposed a family oriented venture, Milkshake, which would draw on their musical and life experiences.

Without a formal blueprint, everything seemed to pull together in a magical, accidental way. Mikel notes that, “In the music business, even success can leave you disillusioned. The key to survival is to try to balance the threefold joys of family, friendship, and music. To me, our music is that spirit, that enthusiasm in us that allows everyone to do their best.” He adds, “Our goal is to introduce positive energy to kids through our music and provide a shared experience for children and parents.”

From the elementary school band to the musical theater orchestra pit to the loud and clangy bar bands of Baltimore to... kids' rock?  This is the long and winding path that brings Tom Moon to Milkshake. When not playing drums with Milkshake, Tom enjoys the company of his two human children Bryan and Corey and his two canine kids Hank and Sunnie. A true renaissance man, Tom's other interests include napping, rolling over, savoring a fine granola bar, toothpastes of the world and the smell of helicopters.

From punk rock to kids' rock, Cord Neal has been tearing up stages all over the US for over 15 years. Being versatile has paid off for our high-energy, bubble-gum chewing bassist, who's played everything from ska and metal to blues and rock. Cord lends the Milkshake Band plenty of alt-rock credibility, although rumor has it he secretly listens to Muzak on his iPod. And what a voice!  When Cord sings with the rest of the band, you would think you were standing in front of a choir.  "LA-LA-LA, DA-DA-DA..."

Brian Simms is happy to join Milkshake in their ongoing quest to teach kids to rock out! A composer, arranger and bandleader, Brian fronts Baltimore's Junkyard Saints, He has performed with such varied acts as Disappear Fear, DC Cajun favorites Squeeze Bayou, the national tour of Nunsense!, Indigo Girls, Lisa Cerbone, Kelly Bell and Rachel Cross. His accordion, keyboard and vocals can be heard on many commercials and radio spots up and down the East Coast. When not performing and recording, Brian enjoys good wine, smelly cheese and putting his mechanic's children through college.

Michael “Sheppy” Sheppard started singing and playing guitar for his 3rd grade teachers, his way to get out of homework! As a military brat, his family moved a lot and thanks to the guitar, singing, and acting, Sheppy had help making friends all over the country; some, he still has today! When not jumping around with Milkshake, some of Sheppy’s favorite things to do include bowling, chasing Dakota & Bailey (his 2 dogs) around the lake, watching bowling on TV, going boating, eating all the green M&M’s, bowling, eating pop corn while watching re-runs of the Muppet Show, collecting Boyd’s Bears, and bowling!  His favorite Milkshake songs are Superhero, Space Song, and Bowling With You!"

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