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Wall to Wall Harlem Resonance Interviews: Mighty Third Rail
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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 05/07/2013 at Symphony Space.

The members of jazz and poetry group Mighty Third Rail - Darian Dauchan (poet, vocals, beatboxer), Curtis Stewart, and Ian J. Baggette (bass) - sit down with Symphony Space intern Daniel Pecoraro to discuss their upcoming performance of Langston Hughes, Gil Scott-Heron, Jon Coltrane, and the Evolution of Black Music at Wall to Wall Harlem Resonance on May 11th.

+ About the Artists

New York-based trio The Mighty Third Rail uniquely melds hip-hop poetry, beatboxing, violin, and upright bass. Comprising vocalist Darian Dauchan, bassist Ian Baggette, and violinist Curtis Stewart, the group has performed at a range of venues, from the Nuyorican Poets Café to Lincoln Center, and was awarded the 2012 Musical Theatre Matters Award for Best New Music at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Daniel Pecoraro is the audio intern at Symphony Space and the producer and host of the trivia quiz show The Thursday Trivia Podcast and the audio documentary series infinitespace.


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