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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 12/29/2012 at Symphony Space.

Which is more satisfying, rocking out in front of cheering thousands as a globe-trotting bassist, co-writing a song on a Grammy-nominated album, performing the lead in a musical in London's West End, or bringing all ages together in a singing and dancing crowd? According to one who has done all of the above - Robert Burke Warren, aka Uncle Rock - the fourth choice is by far the most fulfilling. Join America's favorite faux-relative for a performance filled with Beatles-esque hooks, Grimm's Fairy Tales depth, and Woody Guthrie folksiness. Unleash your inner rocker!


"For kids music with an edge, Uncle Rock is your go-to guy!" -NY Post

+ About the Artists

Warren’s “rock of all ages” persona Uncle Rock was born during a sabbatical from the performing life, when stay-at-home fatherhood led him to the world of children. Taking a teacher’s assistant job at his son’s Woodstock, NY, preschool, Warren wanted a shared musical experience, but was unable to find music with Beatles-esque hooks, Grimm’s Fairy Tales depth, and Woody Guthrie folksiness. So he created his own for preschoolers and their parents (“No kid ever comes to the gigs alone,” Warren quips.).

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