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Just Kidding: Ratboy Jr.
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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 01/25/2014 at Symphony Space.

Ratboy Jr. is a rocking duo consisting of guitarist Timmy, and multi-tasker extraordinaire Matty (who manages to play drums and keyboards at the same time).Together they perform energetic, catchy tunes evoking the spirit of 90s alternative rock, with hooks and stories that will get stuck in your head. With songs about rocks that slide up hills, guitar playing chickens, and instructions on eating clouds, the music is every bit as quirky, offbeat and fun as the bands name suggests.


"The New York band went into the studio with kindie super-producer Dean Jones. The result, Champions of the Universe, is their most polished effort yet. Of course, with the duo's loopy lyrics and Jones' all-instruments-on-deck approach, "polished" is a relative term. "High 5 Your Shadow" features "whoo-hoos," hand claps, and a brief discussion on the difference between lunar and solar eclipses." - Zooglobble

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