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The Thalia Follies: Greatest Hits and Current Fits
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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 01/26/2013 at Symphony Space.

Ten seasons of the Thalia Follies has provided a unique and humorous look at the world around us. Join us as we celebrate some of the funniest moments from the past while continuing to look at what lies ahead, including: superstorms and fiscal cliffs; retired teachers in every gun shop; a world without Twinkies; and a special preview of LINK! The Musical -- based on the film Lincoln, drawn in part from the book Team of Rivals.

+ About the Artists

Created by Isaiah Sheffer Produced and Co-written by Martin Sage

Musical Direction by Lanny Meyers Choreography by Regina Larkin Stage Managed by Christopher Reynolds Cartoons by Mort Gerberg Onscreen Graphics by Anthony Paggett


Ivy Austin, Mary Brienza, Lisa Flanagan, Michael Lutton, Kathryn Markey, Eric Poindexter, Leenya Rideout and Fred Rose

Special Guest Stars: Katie Goodman, Katie Halper, and Jay Leonhart

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