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Just Kidding: Danny Weinkauf and the Red Pants Band
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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 03/14/2015 at Symphony Space.

Danny Weinkauf, GRAMMY winner and long-time bassist for They Might Be Giants, released his first solo children's music album, No School Today, earlier this year. With 16 memorable tunes, No School Today covers topics from marsupials to voting rights, spelling bees to the four food groups, and even a song about archaeology! Written with both children and parents in mind No School Today is filled with intelligent, fun songs for everyone! Danny has written several songs that have appeared on TMBG releases for children including "Number 2" from the Grammy-winning Here Come the 123s, "I Am A Paleontologist" from the Grammy-nominated Here Comes Science, and "Where Do They Make Balloons?" from the critically-acclaimed No!.

Danny's song "Champion of the Spelling Bee" climbed to the Top of the Charts at Kids Place Live on Sirius XM this Spring.

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