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Changing Night with PUBLIQuartet and The Mighty Third Rail
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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 03/20/2014 at Symphony Space.

Hip Hop poetry trio The Mighty Third Rail and innovative classical ensemble PUBLIQuartet join forces in a mash up of strings, verses and beat-boxing where the worlds of hip hop and classical music collide. In a re-imagining of Ligeti's Quartet No. 1 "Metamorphoses Nocturnes" as the score for a modern day telling of the Garden of Eden, Eve has gone missing and within the course of one night, Adam's entire contemporary existence is evolving before his eyes. The Mighty Third Rail takes on the role of civilization, PUBLIQuartet represents that of nature, and violinist Curtis Stewart serves as the bridge to both worlds in this journey that questions the nature of change, survival, and how the things we build to inhabit this dynamic world can co-exist with the natural without destroying it.


Voodoo Dolls by Jessie Montgomery
String Quartet #1 "Metamorphoses Nocturnes" by György Ligeti
Bird of Paris by PUBLIQuartet

The Mighty Third Rail
Duke Ellington medley
Giant Steps (John Coltrane)
A Love Supreme (John Coltrane)

Arrangements by The Mighty Third Rail
Golden Orb
Battle of the Strings
We Be

PUBLIQuartet and The Mighty Third Rail
"Changing Night"
Adapted story by Curtis Stewart and Darian Dauchan
Lyrics by Darian Dauchan

+ About the Artists

Through creative, interactive programming and a deep commitment to audience inclusion, PUBLIQuartet injects fresh perspective into the classical music scene. Dubbed "the independent-minded PUBLIQuartet" by The New Yorker, with their collective background in classical, jazz, world and electro acoustic performance, PUBLIQuartet presents rare music from the classical repertoire as well as contemporary compositions and open-form improvisations that expand the stylistic norms of the traditional string quartet. They were selected as the New Music/New Places Fellow and awarded the Sylvia Ann Hewlett Adventurous Artist Prize at the 2013 Concert Artists Guild Competition presenting compositions by today's emerging composers as well as original compositions/improvisations developed by PUBLIQuartet. They have performed in a variety of venues from Lincoln Center and 92Y Tribeca to cafes and community spaces and have been presented by such organizations as The American Composers Orchestra, Queens College New Music Collective, The Music of Now Marathon at Symphony Space, Hobart William Smith Colleges, Fordham University in Lincoln Center, and the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra. They have collaborated with members of the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), New York City’s new-wave staple Lev ‘Ljova’ Zurbin, internationally acclaimed bandoneonist JP Jofre, jazz tuba legend Bob Stewart, and jazz clarinetist and composer Don Byron. PUBLIQuartet has been in residence at the Juilliard String Quartet Institute, Deer Valley Music Festival's "Emerging Quartets and Composers" program in Utah, Robert Mann String Quartet Institute, and the Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada and have worked with members of the Muir, Juilliard, Orion, Mendelssohn, Tokyo, American, and Brentano String Quartets, as well as acclaimed composers Joan Tower and Butch Morris. Their original concert series, MIND|THE|GAP, explores ways to connect old and new music by bridging musical content through improvisation. 


The Mighty Third Rail is an award winning New York based trio that mixes the elements of hip hop poetry, beat-boxing, violin and upright bass. From poetry cafes to colleges to concert halls, whether it's jamming at the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe, opening for Reggie Watts, or performing at the prestigious Lincoln Center, The Mighty Third Rail undoubtedly delivers. Featuring the dashing Darian Dauchan on vocals, the indelible Ian Baggette on bass, and the courteous Curtis Stewart on violin, this bold, urban collective pushes the boundaries of jazz and hip hop to define the next generation's voice. They are the winners of the 2012 Musical Theatre Matters award for BEST New Music at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland and the 2014 American Music Abroad Finalists for the U.S. State Department. In February 2014, they performed at SPKRBOX, the first Hip Hop Theater Festival in Norway.

+ About the Music

About Changing Night


The Time: 2084.

The place: A germless Lab known as “The Garden.”


1. Allegro Grazioso - Adam awakes in the lab to find Eve gone. He can’t remember what happened to her and feels strangely different.


"What have we done

I feel undone"



2-3. Vivace Capriccioso - Adam tracks Eve’s escape route from the Lab. His body changing, and afraid of being caught, Adam jumps through a window falling amidst shards of glass.


“Virus gone viral

My life is on spiral

This can't be final

It's vital that I not stay idle”



4. Adagio, mesto - Red glass and blood jars Adam’s memory while reminiscing about his broken relationship with Eve.  


“Things fall apart

No way to mend our broken hearts”



5. Presto - The Lab guards notice Adam is contaminated and drive him out of Eden entirely.


“Cast him out!

Drive him out!”

-Guardians of Eden


6. Molto Sostenuto - Adam sees Eve’s holographic image as she transmits the story of "The Apple."


“She speaks to me


I can pick up on her frequency”



7. Piu Mosso - Adam finally remembers what was done, and for the first time, sees the forest outside of Eden in the distance.


“I'm sorry my love

What's done is done

Can't be undone”



8. Tempo di Valse, moderato, con eleganza, un poco capriccioso - Half robotic animals emerge from the forest of circuits and branches, taunting Adam.


“This here is the forest

We don't play nice”

-Sonny the Squirrel


9. Subito prestissimo - The Animals attack Adam out of jealousy.


“Let go!




10. Subito: Molto sostenuto - “The Source” stops the Animals and Adam is cast into the river, sinking, safe from the song of the Source.


“Spare him

Release him”

-The Source


11. Allegretto un poco giovole - Adam, broken emotionally, and almost transformed, swims up to shore, cleaning wounds and formulating a way to recover his civilization. He seeks revenge by taming/enslaving the nature that wounded him. Can he co-exist or will he only dominate?


“Adam's revenge has become his best friend”



12. Allargando - Adam is capturing all the Animals. He is now free and has the desire to be violent, powerful, and invulnerable by assimilating the Animals’ digital information and wearing skins. The forest circuits become agitated with sparks in the trees.


“Catch and grab

Crush and Bash

Slice and dice

A creature’s life”



13. Subito allegro - Sparks and shocks go out of control; Adam causes huge forest fire.


“I didn’t start the fire”



14. Presstisimo - Trapped in the flames, the Animals deceive Adam and lead him to “The Source.”


“Bout to get caught

Bout to get got”



15. Allegro comodo - Adam is vulnerable as the Snake sneaks up.


“Adam stands there

Paralyzed by fear”



16-17 Sostenuto - Eve, fully transformed, saves Adam. Rain clears away fire and they embrace as twilight drops. The Snake’s final spark causes a huge power outage, turning off the sun. Holding hands, Adam and Eve watch as animals crawl away into forest, into complete darkness, lit by the single moon, revealing the half destroyed circuit city before them.


“Underneath our steel exteriors

Our hearts beat superior”



“Nothing but the night remains

Yet the moon glows proud”


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