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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 03/28/2009 at Symphony Space.

Join the roughest swaggerin' scallywaggs that ever sailed the seven seas: Captain Bogg and Salty, the buccaneer rock band for pirates of all ages! This costumed six-person crew from Portland blends original music with humor and history; pirate jigs, mermaid lullabies, and rock and roll sea chanteys are interspersed with nautical advice and humor.

“The finest all-ages pirate rock band anywhere.” –Portland Tribune

“The most rocking pirate crew to sail the seven seas.” –New York Post

+ About the Artists

Captain Bogg & Salty began as a children’s pirate-themed concept CD by Kevin Hendrickson and Loren Hoskins in 1999. The band now includes five members with diverse backgrounds in musical theater, sketch comedy, and children’s theater. Dressed in Hollywood-quality costumes and filled to the brim with swagger and pirate dialect, the band’s theatrically-driven sets are full of audience interaction and inspired silliness. Their original pirate jigs, mermaid lullabies, and rock chanteys are written by the band members in styles from calypso to pop to galloping rock.

Throughout each performance, audiences are introduced to the charming crew of Captain Bogg & Salty’s ship, the Pollywogg. Seacook Sunny Jim (Paul Iannotti, keyboards) serves up a mean omelet, and former British Naval Officer Mister Filibuster (Lucas Haley, bass guitar) can hardly be coaxed into any of his duties. Meanwhile, the loveable and fearsome Captain Bogg (Loren Hoskins, vocals) keeps the rest of the crew—ship carpenter First Mate McGraw (Kevin Hendrickson, guitar and vocals) and Ramshackle (Dave Owen, drums)—on their toes. Hendrickson and Iannotti also crew with Portland’s original buccaneer band, Pirate Jenny.

As members of the nonprofit organization Young Audiences, Captain Bogg & Salty regularly perform in schools. However, the band is just as likely to be found in rock clubs, performing the same material for an adult audience. Recent performances include the Bite of Oregon, the Aladdin Theater, Crystal Ballroom, and Dante’s in Portland, Oregon; WOW Theater in Eugene, Oregon; and the National Orange Show in San Bernardino, California. The band also headlines the annual Portland Pirate Festival.

Emphatical Piratical is the crew’s new album of nautical pop and pirate rock. The release follows the nationally-acclaimed CDs Pegleg Tango and Bedtime Stories for Pirates. Captain Bogg & Salty explored more advanced piracy on their grown-up release, Prelude to a Mutiny. These CDs are available for sale all over the globe and are staple products in the canons of many pirate-themed attractions, including Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas, the Pirates of Nassau Museum in the Bahamas, and Teach’s Hole Blackbeard Exhibit in North Carolina.

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