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Bubble Do Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 10/10/2009 at Symphony Space.

The infectious pop band Bubble create the sights and sounds of the Beatles for the whole family, just in time for John Lennon's birthday. This year's performance of Magical Mystery Tour, regarded by many as one of the Beatles very best albums, recreates the album in its entirety and provides the perfect opportunity to introduce the kids to the magic and wonder of the Fab Four.

"Bubble will give you pop-band goose bumps." -Time Out New York




Hey Bulldog
Magical Mystery Tour
The Fool on the Hill
Blue Jay Way
Your Mother Should Know
I Am the Walrus
Hello Goodbye
Strawberry Fields Forever
Penny Lane
Baby, You're a Rich Man
Lady Madonna
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Yellow Submarine
Got to Get You into My life
All You Need Is Love
It's All Too Much

+ About the Artists

Bubble is a NYC pop band who have been creating their own original music for 15 years. The band's leader/songwriter, Dave Foster, was raised on a steady diet of the Fab Four as a child, and Bubble's CDs show that influence. Their most recent album, Seconds, was released on September 9, the same day as a certain other group's music was reissued.

Bubble has been performing faithful adaptations of Beatles records for the past five years to enthusiastic audiences from six months old to four years old to 64 years old, covering everything from A Hard Day's Night to Abbey Road.

This show marks their first performance of The Beatles 1967 masterpiece Magical Mystery Tour, which was originally released in the U.K. as an EP to accompany a TV movie of the same name. When the album was released in the U.S., it included the original six-song EP and five songs released as singles earlier that year, making it a natural companion to their other album from that year, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.


The Band

Dave Foster vocals, guitar
Mark Rinzel vocals, bass
John Merjave vocals, guitar
Tom DeVito drums
Bill Malchow vocals, keyboard 
Julian Maile
 vocals, keyboards
Alan Camlet vocals, percussion


The Orchestra

Marika Hughes cello
Eleanor Norton cello
David Fallo viola
Mazz Swift violin 
Tarrah Reynolds violin
Audrey Flores french horn
Chuck MacKinnon trumpet 
Colin Bristocke 
Justin Mullens trumpet/french horn
Scott Bourgeois tenor sax / flute
Claude Rozier tenor sax / flute / piccolo

Photo: ©Mike Falco


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