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Bloomsday on Broadway XXXII: Best of Bloomsday, Part 1
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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 06/05/2013 at Symphony Space.

In anticipation of Bloomsday on Broadway XXXII on June 16th, 2013, Symphony Space presents some of the best Ulysses performances in our archive in two "Best of Bloomsday" pieces. In this first installment, five performances from Bloomsday on Broadway XXX and XXI, with readings from Adam Harvey, Sarah Montague, and Denis O'Hare, among many others.

(Ed. note: some of the excerpts have been edited from their original performance length for time. The editing was done as judiciously as possible so as to take away from Joyce's text as little as possible.)


+ About the Music

From Bloomsday XXX (2011)

CALYPSO: Leopold Bloom Starts His Day

Narrator: Eleanor Reissa Leopold Bloom: Denis O’Hare

The Pussycat: Michelle Dupré Molly: Johanna Thomsen

Bloom Visits the Porkbutcher

Narrator: Eleanor Reissa Leopold Bloom: Denis O’Hare

Frances Scanlon

SIRENS: Music at the Ormonde The Word Orchestra Tuning Up

Adam Harvey

Bloom Recues Stephen: Climax of Bloomsday

Narrator: Barbara Feldon Leopold Bloom: Andrew Seear Stephen Dedalus: Peter Francis James Dana Ivey Jeremy Laurence Andrew Secunda John Spinks Matthew Taylor

From Bloomsday XXXI (2012)

Mr. Bloom Falls Asleep

Q: Sarah Montague A: Adam Harvey

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