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This project is funded by the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, through the generous support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 04/04/2009 at Symphony Space.

AudraRox is the high-energy band led by Audra Tsanos-musician, teacher, and all-around fun gal. Audra is bursting with infectious energy and playfulness and has been brightening the lives of New York families for the last seven years. Named Best NYC-Based Kids' Band by Time Out New York Kids.

+ About the Artists

AudraRox, crowned by Time Out New York Kids as the "Queen of the New York kid-rock scene," is one of the hottest artists in kids' music today! Bursting with infectious energy, Brooklyn-based Audra Tsanos has developed a devoted following among thousands of spellbound kids and their grateful parents. Audra's first album, the Parents' Choice Award-winning I Can Do It By Myself, is full of catchy sing-along melodies and a distinctive blow-the-roof-off-the-playhouse sound. AudraRox has performed live at Symphony Space, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando, and Radio Disney's Peanut Butter & Jams at the World Café in Philadelphia. The band was featured on Jack's Big Music Show on the Noggin network, and has an upcoming Sesame Street music video. AudraRox is finishing work on a second album, You're a Rock Star Too!, produced by Marty Beller of They Might Be Giants.

Audra Tsanos, a singer/songwriter and music educator, has been rocking out with New York City families for the past eight years. AudraRox, her high-energy kid-rock band, is made up of six professional musicians who are (mostly) moms and dads and perform insightful, original songs that tackle everything from lost shoes and broken toys to sugar highs and short attention spans with a wry wit that appeals equally to children and their parents. As a music teacher, Audra leads 20 classes as part of the program Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals in Brooklyn. A native of Kansas City, Audra lives in Brooklyn with her husband, graphic designer Chris Tsanos, and their two sons: Tino, age 10, drummer and lead singer in the band Toxic Muffin; and Ari, age 8, who plays keyboards and trumpet in the family's regular jam sessions.

Jennifer Milich is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and the mother of two rock and roll-loving boys. After graduating from Audra's classes as a client, she has been involved in Audra's band as its backup singer since the beginning. She is proudly working for Music for Aardvarks in four locations across Brooklyn (and Queens!) as one of Audra's new teachers. Jennifer is also a sometime poet and waitress. She is a member of several bands that perform regularly around New York City.

Adam Armstrong graduated from Sydney's Conservatorium of Music with a degree in Jazz Studies and quickly became one of Australia's most in-demand bassists, gaining high regard as a player in both acoustic and electric mediums. He relocated to New York to further his artistic development, and has performed in all corners of the world and appeared on over 60 albums with many noted musicians. He is currently playing with saxophonist Eric Person and his band Meta-Four.

Lily White got her introduction to the professional jazz scene with the Jimmy McGriff Quartet, with whom she toured for about four years. She also toured with the renowned Mario Bauza and his Latin Jazz Orquestra. After that, she devoted her energy to writing and performing with her own groups. Lily was awarded a grant in jazz composition from the National Endowment for the Arts, and her band was chosen by the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation for receiving matching funds from the Lila Wallace Foundation. During that time, she recorded three CDs under her
own name: Somewhere Between Truth and Fiction on Knitting Factory Works and No Pork Long Line and Big Blue Line, both on Jazz Focus Records. After starting a family, Lily has been playing and writing children's music and was awarded a Meet the Composer grant for a residency in a New York City school. She joined AudraRox in 2005.

Jordan Shapiro was born in Orange, CT, and started playing piano at the age of five with weekly classical lessons. He spent much of his youth listening to rock and roll, hoping to play in a band someday. Now living in Brooklyn at the age of 28, Jordan sings and plays the guitar, keyboards, and mandolin in lots and lots of bands. Since moving to New York in 1999, he has written an Off Broadway rock musical, toured the country countless times performing the music of Frank Zappa, recorded a couple of albums with his newgrass band Astrograss, and spent almost three years working as a substitute teacher at a public elementary school. In between all that, he manages to find time to write songs and play the guitar for AudraRox.

Tony Graci is originally from the Toronto suburbs and started laying down the grooves to Chuck Berry and The Beatles when he was five years old. By eight, he began playing with an original band and working club dates. His major influences were blues and jazz, but his scope went much further. He finished high school at 17 after studying with Dan Bodanis and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston on scholarship, where he graduated cum laude after two years. Tony then moved to New York to complete his Masters Degree in Jazz Performance at the Manhattan School of Music, where he studied with Justin DiCioccio and John Riley. With New York City as his new home, he rediscovered his childhood backbeat roots and met his mentor, Steve Jordan. This up-and-coming drummer has performed with top artists such as Tom Jones, Moby, Lew Soloff, and Chris Barron of The Spin Doctors. Tony works as an in-house drummer, composer, and instrumentalist for Limebeat Music and Sound in New York City. He recently released a solo instrumental album entitled Reflections on Steel, which is a wistful and worldly collection of acoustic and slide guitar instrumentals.

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