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+ About the Performance
This program was recorded 02/27/2010 at Symphony Space.

Astrograss' spirited mix of bluegrass, folk music and humor makes for a show you can't take your eyes or ears off of. Dance contests, fiddle hoedowns (and throwdowns), and lots of audience participation makes for a foot stompin' good time, unlike anything this side of the Mason-Dixon line!

"Nouveau-bluegrass tunes and lot of jamming, so tiny dancers can strut their stuff."
-Time Out New York Kids


+ About the Artists

Astrograss for Kids gets kids and their parents dancing together, with a unique blend of bluegrass music and down-home humor. Astrograss concerts feature sing-a-longs, dance contests, and high-energy fiddle hoedowns. Their original songs cover topics like spelling, whether Pluto is a planet, bedtime, and the many neighborhoods of Brooklyn. In addition to a wide range of original songs, Astrograss for Kids plays traditional American folk numbers, like "Oh, Susanna" and "Hot Corn, Cold Corn," They also invite their young fans to submit poems, which the band then sets to music. One such song, "Airplane," is on their album, Let Me Stay Up All Night. In 2006 they won the TimeOutNY Kids' Battle of the Bands contest at the Knitting Factory, and later recorded with Dan Zanes, as his backup band for the benefit album Bright Spaces 2. Zanes produced their first album, Astrograss for Kids, a collection of Shel Silverstein poems set to music. Performance highlights from the past include sold-out shows at both Brooklyn Academy of Music's Harvey Theatre and Symphony Space (NYC), as well as shows at the Brooklyn Children's Museum, Community Day at PS 1 Community Art Center, the Higher Ground (Burlington, VT), Riverbank State Park, The Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the World Cafe Live (Philadelphia), Madison Square Park, and the legendary Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival.
In their "for-grownups" format, Astrograss is one of the New York area's premier acoustic acts, and has toured extensively throughout the Northeast, playing clubs, theaters, private parties, weddings, and festivals.

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